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Silver City Legends  is a storytelling TTRPG which combines the Western genre with folktales and fables. Players take on the role of Legends making themselves known across the Frontier a mythical version of the wild west. Each player has a deck of cards they use to  determine the outcomes of their characters actions. The four houses in a deck of cards represent the different strengths each Legend possesses; Hearts for charm, Spades for deftness, Diamonds for intellect, and Clubs for brawn.

As Legends grow they gain infamy and power from  ten character archetypes such as Lucky, Beastly, and Hungry. When things grow dire Legends may perform amazing feats by moving their story one step closer to sunset and the end of the road. Legends will search for treasure, get revenge, explore the frontier, make friends, meet foes, get into scrapes and hopefully get out of them or else they may have to bet their lives in a game of cards with the Reaper.

The Frontier

The frontier stretches for fifteen hundred miles across the middle of the north American continent from the tip of lake superior all the way to the gulf of California and from the gulf of Mexico right on up to the northern edge of the Rockies. There are deep green forests, plains of grass that wave like the sea in summer, and deserts with sand in every color. It is a land of adventure, beauty, conflict, and treasure. 

The frontier is contested territory, a place being fought over by nations, companies, and creatures from beyond the mortal world. Power and cunning are the law of the land and justice is as rare and valuable as gold. 

Silver City

Dotting this landscape are lamplights, campfires and coal stoves around which huddle towns and cities separated by the vast and beautiful distances found on the frontier. The town of Silver City sits on the edge of the frontier where the law runs thin and outcasts are welcome, so long as they can hold their own. Its a ghost town that no one ever left where you can find all manner of charlatan, outlaw, entrepreneur and doe eyed hopeful.

The town itself consists of a single crossroads flanked by saloons and gambling halls all emanating from the single unlikely train station. There is a small church and a large cemetery filled with folks who engaged in the town's favorite pastime, gunfights, which are restricted to dawn and high noon because dusk is reserved for bar brawls and bank robbery. 

Magic and the Wyrd

Magic doesn't like to be penned in. after a few centuries of being jotted into books, weighed and measured out in bottles and abandoned in favor of steel, and gunpowder magic has fled to the wild places of the world. As this tide of iron and ash encroaches on the frontier magic has begun to push back, acting in stange and unpredictable ways. 

On the frontier the space between the mortal world and the Wyrd, the realm of myth and magic that is home to every otherword and afterlife, has been worn thin. Some creatures and characters from fables and folklore are drawn to these thinner places where magic is loosening the definition of what is possible. Some things like forgotten gods and stories best left untold are spilling back out seeking a second shot at mortal existence.


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